Incest - legal in the new Bulgarian Family Law

**Updated on: 30.10.2008, 10:19

The proposal is couples to register their cohabitation in the municipality and thus to guarantee the origin of the child from the father. Most of the participants however, believed that this was senseless and dangerous.

“Ban on cohabitation with several partners or relatives is not envisaged”, said Stoyan Georgiev from “Society and values” association.

“For the actual cohabitation there are no hurdles because such relations exists regardless of our desires. If a nephew and his aunt are living together, this is a fact and we cannot ban it. We can only take care for the possible children of such a couple”, explained several days ago prog. Ognyan Gerdjikov who supports the project.

He denies the accusations that the aim was to permit also the homosexual cohabitations: “ The compromise with the moral values is made for the children. The same sex couples don’t give birth”.

The Bulgarian orthodox church will not wed couples who don’t have a civil marriage, warned father Vassil Kotsev. A DNA test will prove the fatherhood in the unmarried couples, suggested the initiator of the discussion Martin Dimitrov.**The project for new Family law will make legal not only polygamy, but also incest.**The representatives of the orthodox, catholic, protestant and Muslim religions expectedly condemned the draft. ](“”)

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