Inciting the devil?


Is it possible to provoke satan( not intentionally) into attacking oneself? I recently had a thorough confession, and I have begun to pray about the abortion mill next to me. Among other things, I have prayed that any demons involved be cast down into the abyss where they belong. does this make me a more definitive target? I trust God, I just want to be prepared. And on a slightly different note, how much of abortion is physically evil, and how much is spiritually. Are demons always present where abortions take place? And my wife went into the building to talk to the guy about the parking lot under dispute. ( She was not pregnant at the time )Is she affected by entering?


Demons are restrained and can only bother us if God permits it for our own good.

Demons cannot read our minds, unless you permit them to by actively trying to communicate with them in your mind. When you pray silently to God, Saints, Holy Angels or the Holy Souls in Purgatory, demons do not hear your prayer.

And on a slightly different note, how much of abortion is physically evil, and how much is spiritually.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking here. :confused:

Demons can hang around and encourage sin in places where evil occurs regularly. Abortion mills, brothels, strip clubs, and sex shops can be demon magnets. If you are going to an abortion mill to protest or pray, (or in your wife’s case, arguing about parking?) you have nothing to worry about. If you are going there for services, then in addition to committing grave sin, you’ve opened yourself up to harassment.

There’s no reason to live in fear of provoking demons or thinking they are around every corner. If you are living in a state of sanctifying grace, they generally leave you alone. For the most part, you can keep the devil out by keeping God in.


I think when you are in a state of grace, temptation is easier to recognize. Is the devil tempting you…sure, he tempts all of us day in and day out…


Don’t play with the devil. You WILL lose. Trust me.

You cannot get the devil to hurt itself. He is too strong and will make you fall quicker than you can imagine. If you are getting thoughts that you can somehow take him on, stop, that is the workings of pride.

Focus on God.

Pray to St. Michael to cast into Hell those daemons at that mill. Pray to Mary that the people there may realise what they are doing and ask her to intercede for you to spread the word around to the saints to combat that threat.

Focus on God, not the devil. You have to trust that God knows what He is doing. You see a problem, ask Him and all of heaven to fix it. It may be that He asks you to go there and launch a complaint or petition or something, but trust in Him, and do NOT focus on the devil.


It was not my intention to mess with the devil on purpose. I just want to trust God more. I want to be prepared for whatever comes. Also I want to be a prayer warrior, For the glory of God, and through His power.please pray for my humility.


no, it is not possible to incite the devil the way you describe. Read fr. gabriel amorth for more info. the devil is already ding everything that he is allowed to do, God or yourself, must grant permission


For me, it stands to reason that the closer one is to God the more they are at risk of attacks from the devil - although, as others have said, this is usually in the form of temptation rather than physical attacks. There is a battle for souls and the people who are closer to God are the ones the devil needs to ‘work’ harder on - the ones who disrespect God and commit evil acts are already within easy grasp of Satan. Look at some of our greatest saints - St John Vianney and St Pio spring to mind. The were constantly attacked by Satan - both spiritually and physically. However, their faith in God grew despite these attacks. St John Vianney, it seems saw the nightly visits of the devil as being somewhat of a burden, and he would supposedly address the devil in a casual manner to the effect of “could you not just leave me to have a good nights’ sleep”! His faith in God was his focus even though it was precisely that faith which caused the devil’s attacks. So I do think one can provoke Satan into attacking oneself - though the attacks would, as I said, normally not be of the physical kind as they were for the aforementioned saints.

You should continue to pray for this ‘abortion mill’ and those who are ensnared by the evil which surrounds it. As you said yourself, you trust God - certainly an effective tool against the devil!

I cannot answer your question on how much abortion is physically evil and how much is spiritually evil - although I would say that they are very much intertwined. Any sin against the body (or indeed, any sin) has repercussions for the soul. Apart from the fact that one is deliberately deciding to destroy a life, there is great possibility of physical damage to all parties involved - I think increases in certain cancers have been linked to abortions, not to mention the psychological damage it could cause - not only to the mother. I do believe there are often demons lurking where there are opportunities to sin, but I don’t think you should dwell too long on this…Keep your focus on God. I don’t think your wife need worry either - we are all surrounded by sin every day, and we have the power to choose the path of good or evil. If you are asking if your wife will be more seriously affected than merely being surrounded by sin - i.e. by demonic possession - I think it is highly unlikely. This more serious form of ‘demonic influence’ normally comes as a result of one ‘inviting’ evil spirits into their lives through occult practices. Indeed, even though the women going for abortions are committing an evil act it is unlikely that they are or will actually become possessed through their actions- at least not in the sense that Church would recognise possession. There is an immense difference between being under the influence of Satan and actually being possessed by him - one thing they both have in common, though, is that prayer is the most powerful and effective way of combatting them!


Your prayer may be taking the form of excorcism which is only supposed to be done by a priest with the bishop’s permission. It is important to limit ourselves (laity) to prayers of deliverance and healing; where we don’t address the demon or the devil directly. Our prayer is directed to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - the Mother of God, Saints Peter and Paul and St. Michael Archangel to fight for us.

It is very effective and in keeping with Holy Mother Church’s instructions.

Do not address the demon yourself.


I know not to address any evil myself. That would be the spiritual equivalent ( for a lay person ) of jumping out of an airplane with a defective parachute. ( is this thing gonna open? ) I “merely” pray to God. And as far as being a target goes, who is more likely to get shot at:

  1. a soldier in the battlefield front lines or
  2. a clerk in the HQ behind the lines.
    I only wish to have my body armour on and my weapon loaded.
    So I am prepared.


Funny you should use that analogy. I’m retired military, paratrooper.

We are at war…and you are very far from a pencil pusher my friend,…you are in the front lines, you are a foot soldier in the “muddy boots” army of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray for God’s blessing upon you. :slight_smile:


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