"Inclusivity is our hallmark"


I ran across this on youtube. Apparently this has gone up to the Vatican level. I cannot remember were I read it, but the “Bishops” in good standing with the church are now not in good standing for pulling this stunt (ordaining the women initially at the other ceremonies).

It’s funny how no one can cough up any names of those bishops…I think it is just an attention getter…

How many heresies can you find in this clip?



I’m not sure which is the sadder sight: these women who think that they’re been ordained, or the lay people who think they’re receiving valid sacraments.

What part of “moot point” do they not understand?


They are all lost…


The poster of this video has posted others like it in the past. I remeber commenting on one, but I do not see that particular one anymore. I love the way they debate that the ordinations were done by bishops in good standing since the act itself makes that a “moot point” as already pointed out.

Regarding “they’re all lost”, yes, they are…but without Christ, so are we all. They can be “found”.


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