Inclusivity of people with ssa

how can people with same sex attractions or other gender disorder be properly included in certain things.

i’m thiking about the whole debate with groups like scouts, or the military. this can even extend to catholic groups too. what to do with youth groups wheree you go on trips or retreats. mainly rooming arrangements would be the problem. should people even be disclosing it to you?

what do you guys think? not trying to be mean or anything, just thinking of possible responses to the issue. besides just telling them they cna’t participate of course

There doesn’t seem to be much of a problem in the military since DADT was resended. Do you believe that just because you are gay that you are a predator?

Well…whether a person is homosexual or heterosexual in orientation, they are still expected to act respectfully to others in regard to sexual matters.
If a group of young people in a class go camping together, the girls and boys are expected to not force themselves on each other and respect boundaries. Same goes for a Scout outing or a Girl Guide outing if a youth has SSA. The rules of conduct don’t change and there wouldn’t be any reason to worry more so if someone has SSA as opposed to OSA (opposite sex attraction). In fact, a youth with SSA may even be more private and closed off about it and not talk about it or act out on it for fear of being shunned.

The military…I mean…that’s a whole other bag. Sexual harassment of women by men is a big, big problem there, as you may have seen in the news these past few years. The behavior of the heterosexual males (I don’t know if any heterosexual females have been charged with assault?) is something to be concerned about way before the behavior of the men and women with SSA.

It’s got nothing to do with a person’s orientation. It’s got to do with who the person is themselves. If a person is respectful, no matter what sexual orientation they are, they will be respectful. If they are not–no matter what sexual orientation they are–they won’t be. It’s about the person.

So I hope you do not tell a youth they cannot participate in activities based only on their sexual orientation.


no no, of course not, i understand what you’re saying. but more for logistical reasons, is it prudent for people to be sharing a room with a gender that they’re attracted to? but of course, not much you can really do about it; you can’t exactly start having males and females start sharing rooms either even if they have ssa.

I guess it depends on the situation. Personally,as a man, I don’t care who I would share accommodations with. But it I were a woman, I probably wouldn’t want to share accommodations with a man, regardless of his attraction.

To answer your question, no, I don’t think anyone needs to disclose it. When I was younger (in college) I shared accommodations with SSA/gay men on several occasions, and never knew it until long afterward.

Hmm, it is probably prudent to not only arm our children against predators but against unwanted sexual advances, by either sex. We also need to educate our young men and women about being too insistent and how that is sometimes called harassment. Let’s face it, in adolescence the hormones are running in high gear and these things happen. A "No thanks, I like you, but not that way.’ or some variation should be part of every young persons verbal arsenal by the time they are 11 or so. What is really important is to distinguish the predators from the normal teenage growing pains!

Well…whether a person is homosexual or heterosexual in orientation, they are still expected to act respectfully to others in regard to sexual matters.

Uh-huh. Even if it slows down the gay rights movement?

^^^ This:thumbsup:

I’m a female, and yeah, that’s how I feel. I wouldn’t want to room with a male, whether he were attracted to women or not. But if I need to share a room with a female who is attracted to other females, it’s not a big deal. I’ve changed with them before, and it never caused any problems. :shrug:

I don’t really see this as a big issue, as long as everyone is made to respect proper boundaries. If the individual with SSA is uncomfortable with it, he or she could stay home or request separate accommodations.

Why do we ensure that members of the opposite sex are roomed separately?

I think it’s more than for reasons of modesty or occasion of sin. It’s a safety issue too. Like I wrote in my previous post, I personally don’t care, but I’m also 6’2" and 195#. A man who makes an advance on me would be making a huge mistake. If I were 5’3" and 115# I would feel differently.

I guess I also see a difference between the Scouts and the military. Adults are to be more responsible for Scouts, who are for the most part underage.

I just know that I checked out the sleeping arrangements very carefully when my children went anywhere co-ed and overnight.

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