Incorporation of Confirmation Name?


When I was confirmed, I choose St. Ignatius of Loyola as my patron. After revisiting some readings on the sacrament, I learned that it is customary to legally change your name (usually middle name) to the name of the Saint you choose. I never did this? Was I supposed to? Should I do it now?


Have never, ever heard of doing this, at least in the U. S. Can’t imagine either the expense or the hassle.


I never heard of legally changing your name, or changing your middle name for the Saint name you chose, but…

From what I have read you can put the chosen confirmation name after your middle name. Such as, if your name was Bernie Allen Smith and when you got confirmed you chose St. Ambrose as your patron saint, you can then write your name as Bernie Allen Ambrose Smith. You don’t have to have it legally done. Its just something one can do.

I have incorporated mine in my initials. I never had it ‘legally’ done. I just do it. I do it to remind myself of my confirmation vows and remembrance of the saint’s life.


I like that… it’s a good idea.


All of the above.



What country do you live in? It’s not customary in the US but perhaps it is where you live and someone from that country could advise you.


It is neither required nor customary.


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