What is your opinion on this matter? Why is it that it seems like most of the reported incorruptibles are mostly Orthodox and Catholics? Any reported cases from other religion?

I’ve wondered that, too. I’ve even wondered if there’s some phsysiological reason for it, something in the DNA. But since it would take opening a whole lot of graves to do the research…well, probably won’t happen.

Now before somebody goes off on me, I didn’t say it couldn’t be miraculous. I’d just like to know whether there’s a certain percentage of the non-saint population that remains “incorruptible” as well.

The closest secular example I know to this is in central Mexico, where the mineral content of the soil prevents bodies from decomposing.

Many of the bodies are later dug up and put into a museum. (Warning: do not click on the following link if you don’t want to see pictures of naturally incorrupt bodies.) Pictures here

From the pictures, you’ll notice that the naturally incorrupt bodies that you see here look nothing like the incorrupt saints that you see in churches. On the other hand, many of the incorrupt saints that you see have been painted with a wax coating for display purposes, so who knows what they really look like…

Have you seen the pictures of St. Pio? I think no wax is applied on his body, and yet he looks like he’s just sleeping. The limbs is said to be flexible.

Incorrupt isn’t the same as “mummified.” The examples in the pictures are preserved by the chemicals in the soil and there have been other preserved corpses in various stages of decay. Remember the one (or maybe more) that was preserved in a peat bog?

An Incorruptible is a person whose body is supernaturally being protected by a paranormal force usually after death. Incorruptible bodies have been found mostly by the Catholic Church but they also exist in Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim religions.

What is science saying about this?

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