Incoruptibles- Please post some pictures

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Could any of you post some pictures of the Incoruptibles. Thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s a site:

Here’s another:

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s faith but many many very holy saints turned to bones and dust quite quickly after they died, and many average persons who have been exhumed after many decades in the ground were found to have very well preserved corpses. The decomposition of a body is a very complex matter, and depending on environment and circumstances there can be great variation. There is a really fascinating video on a company in England that specializes in exhuming bodies, you might find it interesting …

yes you are correct but the incorruptibles who were canonized saints made miracles

when the choir in the congregation of St. Catherine Bologna was not singing well in their vespers, she (her incorrupt body) stood up and helped them. Another is her reverential bow during an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

The incorrupt body of St Bernadette was accidentally wounded by a sister who was cleaning it. The wound bled.

St Paschal Baylon’s body prostrate after the Exposed Blessed sacrament.

many other miracles happened.

but still the incorruptibility is no longer counted as proof in one’s sanctity.

If you actually took a few minutes to look at the links provided for pictures of the incorruptible bodies, your claims are dealt with there. And, don’t worry, such meager offerings as your link will do very, very little to hurt anyone’s faith. Peace.

PICS I took of St Bernadette, when visiting Nevers France



you have a great mission statement but i want just to tell that for me suffer might have been “offer” :slight_smile:

Thank you. Suffer is deliberately chosen for personal reasons. Offer is a good word as well, though, and as my spirituality and knowledge grows, the statement may evolve too.

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I have some pictures of St. Bernadette (Nevers) and St. Catherine Laboure (Paris) from my honeymoon. The chapel at Rue du Bac actually had St. Vincent de Paul’s heart in a reliquary but it was too high to see it. Also, St. Marie de Marilac was there as well but she is not incorruptible.

St. Catherine Laboure

St. Bernadette showing full casket. Wanted my skeptic family to see there is no refrigeration or anything of the sort keeping her body preserved.

St. Bernadette close up

Beautiful pics. They look like they’ve just…fallen asleep. I hope with everything I am that I merit such eternal rest.

I also saw St Catherine Laboure. She is at the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal, along with St. Vincent De Paul.

St. Catherine’s eyes are open, and they are a beautiful blue.

Apparently the legend goes, there was a riot breaking out in the streets. Suddenly, St. Catherine opened her eyes, and her hands turned up, as you see in the pic. When word quickly rushed to the mobs in the streets, curiosity took over and the people rushed to see the event, thereby stopping their rioting.


They put lime in with some of the bodies, such as Pius X!

The difference with the incorupltible’s and any other cases is defining.

For one, often the Saints belonged to a poor religious order and were buried in a mere shroud or wooden coffin, in land that was not of any value other than for burial. Often times, bordering swamps, which is not conducive for preserving dead bodies.
Dry heat is the best for preserving corpses.

The bodies of those around the saint decayed, but the saints did not. Also, the clothes of the incorruptible decayed, but the body did not. St Bernadette’s clothes had to be changed because of decay.

Also, the bodies of the incorruptible’s are soft and supple, not stiff as others. Some even bleed as in the case of St. John of the Cross, when in those days, they would cut a piece of the body to be used as a relic. When they were in the process of cutting his finger off, it started to bleed, so they stopped.

Another phenomenon is that the bodies give off an order of perfume, where others give of a retching stench.

Note, incorruptibility is not a prerequisite for canonization.


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