increased activity of Jw's on the forum lately


I have noticed something. There has been a recent spurt/rash of Jw posters and I am sure most of it is connected to their current campain. The other thing I noted is that so far, I have not seen one single Jw (or even possible Jw yet not disclosing it) be able to successfully answer all the important questions put to them. Most say they will look into something and be back with biblical back up for the claims they make, or even citations at minimum for the information posted. I have also not seen one of them stick it out long and they claim to be so persistant, I have yet to see it here.
I think many of us would like to have some clarity on issues not addressed on their website and would like to refute many of the false claims they make against all other Christians (mostly Catholic though). If I felt I had the truth (and I do)I would stick it out to the bitter end. Why dont they? :rolleyes:

I am looking for answers from posters here who have engaged them in discusssion on these forums only please. :slight_smile:


I noticed the recent spurt, too, Damascus, and, as you noted, it’s probably due to their new little pamphlet and the efforts to distribute it widely. Perhaps some “googled” to see if it was being discussed anywhere and voila!. We’ve had similar spurts in the past, but most haven’t shown any staying power beyond a few weeks. There was one young woman who, unlike her confreres, was willing to discuss differences quite openly and didn’t seem to have a hardened attitude toward Catholicism, but she left after a month or two.


You won’t hardly see any JWs on the internet. They are told not to engage in any internet activity as the elders are afraid that they will see the truth. Of course they are not told that. They are taught that there are people who are doing the work of Satan (without knowing it) and they will be deceived. I know this as I have many of their books on how to convert people from their “pagan” religions. I am sure that when they do come in it’s like you said, they are here for only a short time. No possibility of converts and they leave. I do wish they would stay for a debate as I have been looking forward to talking to them. Everytime I get them to my home and start talking to them they never come back. Shucks!


I am happy they are here. Let them come. They will have to grapple with stuff they have never heard before.


Then help me man! I am having a battle Royal now on the “the end of false religion is near” thread now with a poster named Jone.

Speak up man! I have done my level best!

look at the last posts first as it is long and she threatend to leave!!!:eek:


How can I find that thread? I must have missed it. I looked 3 pages back and no good. Will continue looking.



It was in the Apologetics forum.

God bless


SHE LEFT!!! SHe never answered me!!!

God please help her to see how much she needs to know the truth!!!

She never argued with me!!!

SHe found no fault in my posts!!!

She never answered any of my questions!!!


In the Name of The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Help Jone!

Jehovah allmighty! Keep her and save her and waken in her your will to see your Son!!!

Jone., Come back! I will spend my time with you no matter how long it takes!

I love the Bible and will talk to you about it all day if you want!!!


She may have been told to leave.


I will pray for her tomorrow at daily Mass. I hate this!!! why cant they engage me? I try sooooo hardddd???

I know I am an idoit, but come on!!! this is SIMPLE stuff here !!!:confused:


Although I have not participated too much with JW’s on this forum, it has been my experience, both online and in real life, that they will gladly engage you if they perceive you to be ignorant or weak in regards to your faith, but once they realize you are knowledgeable and can actually defend your faith, they leave and never come back. Their persistance seems to be in direct contrast to the ignorance of their potential convert. The more ignorant you are of your own faith, the more persistant they are in their attempts to convert you. I really believe they come here thinking this site is chock full of ignorant Catholics, and when they find out most of the members here can actually defend the faith, they give up.

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