Increasing faith


Lately, I’ve been though quite a lot and most of the times I felt helpless and hopeless. I didn’t have enough faith. I didn’t believe in God’s power or trust Him enough. Now after my ordeal I realise that as a catholic I am seriously lacking faith in my God. Does anyone have any tips to help me increase my faith and draw closer to God and Jesus? I was thinking of getting more involved in my parish and attending more church events etc…


Here is the best tip I’ve ever gotten on this: PRAY.

Say what you just said to God, and ask him to increase your faith. Spend time in prayer in meditation on this and your answer will come. When I have prayed for God to increase my faith, he has always answered, and in ways I could have never imagined.

The second best thing I’ve ever done is seek the advice of someone in your parish that you know who you feel is spiritually strong. Ask that person to help you. If you don’t know someone who fits the bill, make an appointment with one of your priests. He’ll help you find someone.


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