Incredibly Inspirational 100% CATHOLIC Music!

Has anyone heard of this guy, W. Keith Moore? His music is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! He is a fairly recent convert to the CC, and he is completed inspired by the BVM. I think his music has the power to evangelize many people, as I believe it would appeal to many ages, musical preferences and religious backgrounds. It is truly divinely inspired. He has a great sound…rock and roll on some tunes, americana or country on others…Really good!

Listen to his song, Soul. You can hear the beginning of it on or iTunes. All of the songs are great, but I am kinda partial to that one. He also has a website,

If you like the music, consider buying it! We need to support the effort to get more guys like this on the airwaves!!

Forgive me for going off topic, but what does ‘de colores’ mean?

Oh, *De Colores *is just a greeting that people who go to Cursillo say. It’s just for fun…Kinda like saying *hello *or peace! :slight_smile:

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