Incruentem altaris sacrificium, in English


I noticed today looking through my daily missal a note under November 2 (All Souls’ Day). It says, “On this day, any priest may celebrate 3 Masses, observing…what was established by Benedict XV in…Incruentem altaris sacrificium

Now I’m curious as to what those rules are. The Vatican website only has translation into Italian from the Latin, and my Latin skills aren’t sufficient for a dependable translation…does anyone know where an English translation can be found?


Three Masses are allowed to be celebrated on All Souls Day essentially as a way to pray for the souls of the faithful departed in an especially fervent way. Masses profit the Poor Souls.


Normally priests can only celebrate 2 daily masses and require a dispensation from the bishop they are under to allow for an extra mass. I believe that is the maximum number allowed under any circumstances.
The pope gave a blanket dispensation for every priest to be able to celebrate up to the 3 masses on that particular day. :thumbsup:


I was aware of the canon ruling that a priest can celebrate only 2 Masses on a weekday…so all that that document states is that he can celebrate thrice on November 2?



Basically, that’s the point of the document. It is extending that privilege to all priests and not only to priests in certain areas. It also has some directives as to where (what altar) the Masses can be offered and the intentions that can be applied to each of the three Masses. The priest can only accept one “stipend” even though he says three Masses. I don’t know where you might find an English translation.


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