Indapendant Catholicism

There is an independent catholic church called the apostolic Catholic church of Antioch They are not in communion with Rome. They pretty much do every thing a catholic church does except they are not in communion with Rome. Which begs me to ask the question sinceJesus gave his apostles the ability to forgive sins, and they built the Roman Catholic church today. Wouldn’t this mean that a church that claims to be catholic and gives reconciliation to the penitent but is not in accordance with rome, give invalid confessions?

Invalid confessions, that’s very serious, I’m interested in this thread!

I say that because if they are not in accordance with Rome how can confessions be valid in a regular situation.


There is only one church, ,as Jesus said, Peter upon this rock build my church,if you bevel in Jesus you know what I ,am saying,I will defend the Catholic church always too the end. ,I would say no to I Invalid Confession,s.:knight2::harp:

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