Indelible mark during baptism

when a person is baptized an indelible mark is left on the soul. How is this mark created? Is it left there by the grace of Jesus? or is it left there by the presence of the holy spirit? thanks.

While I don’t know exactly how the character is imprinted in the soul, I do know that it is not due to grace or the presence of the Holy Ghost, since the character remains even if the person falls from grace and loses the Holy Ghost. If a baptized person goes to hell, the character remains.

Some things are a mystery, God only reveals to us that which we need to know,.

John the Baptist. The man to look towards if you want to understand what Christian Baptism is. Not just anyone can offer humanity a Baptism. There is a power that one muxt have to Baptize. John said he had power to Baptize but the one that follows him would Baptize with a greater power because He came before him.

Now what was it about John that he could baptise people? Jesus called him a perfect pattern of righteousness in my Jerusalem Bible. When John felt humbled by the thought of Baptizing Jesus Jesus told him ’ for the sake of all righteousness" to do it.

Righteousness is primarily manifest internally as a turning away from sin and a turning towards God. So John had the power to Baotize because he was righteous in such a way that righteousness is edentified with him. A part of his identity. In short, John had become a perfection of God. Righteousness. So one could recieve John’s Baptism because this perfection had entered the human experience and the perfection was a gift especially meant for human nature to rise to divine life and it is impaired in our fallen state… But it isnot impaired in John. So John’s baptism was able to assist another person’s lack of righteousness and to turn away from sin so they would be able to accept Jesus’ testimony.

Luke 7
28 For I say to you: Amongst those that are born of women, there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist. But he that is the lesser in the kingdom of God, is greater than he. 29 And all the people hearing, and the publicans, justified God,** being baptized with John’s baptism. 30** But the Pharisees and the lawyers despised the counsel of God against themselves**, being not baptized by him.

John’s Baptism imprinted it’s character on the human soul. The soul is not in a place so much as it’s existence is the cause of a place… This is a characteristic of spiritual realities. Righteousness is a spiritual power that the human soul naturally responded to and kept truth something natural for man to love, and John having been fiklled with the Holy spirit in the womb had practiced right living to the point that in him righteousness was not subject to the sensual faculties as is all who are subject to sin.
The power to baptize for John was not a divine power but human power that God created for the human soul for the purposes of human life innocent of sin. The human soul is not a soul made by natural powers like the soul of all other earthly life but created directly by God and endowed with power to rule over nature. In that primordial power was John’s power to offer humanity a Baptism unto righteousness for the repentence of sin.

The primary element of life is water and the power of that element is natural to the earth and was subject to the human soul in the beginning.

Matthew 3:11I indeed baptize you in the water unto penance, but he that shall come after me, is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; he shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and fire

Hope this helps.

It is the Sacrament of Baptism that leaves the Mark of Baptism on the soul.
When a valid Sacramental Baptism is received it is Christ who Baptizes through the Person speaking the words, applying the water.

There is no Mark of Sacramental Baptism when the Grace of Baptism is received by extraordinary means.

I think they use an md5 hash, kind of like a password check you know.

Keep in mind that it is the soul that receives the mark - and the soul is not a physical material substance. So, it would not be correct to hold that it is some sort of material mark.

By indelible, I’ve always understood it in the sense of “permanent” - that in some way the souls of those who have been baptized will forever reflect/show the fact that they were baptized.

LOL Ok some of us are geeks here too.

Only problem is, it can’t be MD5 because MD5 is crackable, and since God is so above man, he would never create a hash that is crackable by man.


Thank you for the responses.
God Bless.

Any hash is theoretically crackable by man. Therefore baptism doesn’t do anything.

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