Indelible mark


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I have a question. Do all sacraments leave an indelible mark? I suppose they possibly don`t as reconciliation is something we can keep coming back to, and the Eucharist. I understand that Baptism and Ordination does but which other sacraments do? Does marriage for example?


Only Baptism, Confirmation, and Ordination leave indelible marks. All other sacraments may be repeated. They all confer grace.


Modern Catholic Dictionary (excerpt from Sacramental Character):
“It perdures at least until death and most likely into eternity.”

“In essence the sacramental character assimilates a person to the priesthood of Christ. From this primary function, secondary functions flow, in increasing order of sublimity, from baptism through confirmation to holy orders.”


Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

Indelible mark is a new term for me tbh. I asked because I wasn’t too sure about whether Marriage was, as I know that Marriage is until death, and I wasn’t sure about Confirmation as that’s like an extension of Baptism, but after considering what you have written, I get it. Thanks again :slight_smile:


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