Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church/Extermist Fundamentalists vs Jehovah's Witness vs RCOG

What are the similarities these 3 churches share? I know that they are a few, which are, isolation and mind control. But what are the full similarities between extremist Christian fundamentalists, Armstrong’s Church of God, and Jehovah’s Witness?

An IFB survivor:

A RCOG survivor: (see other parts)

A JW survivor:

First off , IFB s are Christians not cultist, and they don’t use mind control , so I’d say there is no similarities, second there is no Armstrong church of God , they are now Trinitarian and are the Grace Cummunion International totally different church and are apart of the National Association of Evangelicals

Former IFB here.
There are three basic types of fundamentalist baptists:

  1. The Jerry Falwel, Liberty University variety.
    I attended LU and can safely say they are the most reasonable kind. They would fit into the " ‘New Evangelicals’ Billy Graham, Charles Colson, James Dobson" types. Hard-core fundamentalists do not consider them to be fundamentalists (for a variety of reasons I will not bore you with explaining, not the least of which is that they (GASP) use modern english versions of the Bible.

  2. The Bob Jones University variety.
    They range from Calvinist to Arminian in theology. They tend to be more intellectual, but very elitist and racist. Their numbers are dwindling. Two pastors I sat under were from BJU.

  3. The Hyles-Anderson College, KJV-only variety.
    These are the wide-eyed fanatics. These are the haters. Very anti-intellectual, cultic, abrasive, paranoid…I could go on, but you get the picture. The third group I have encountered, even preached in a few of their churches, but I avoided them.

The blog you cite is a survivor of the third type listed here.
There are similarities in any type of cult or cult-ish behavior, but there simply too many variables involved to make a generalized statement.

Would not the Love of Christ and God be the motivating Force.

Do you think to explore anything else would just result in disunity?

Christ has one Faith, let us Love Christ.

God Bless and Regards Tony

The original World Wide Church of God has now changed over to mainstream evangelicalism. However, when the change over happened after Herbert Armstrong’s death, a large chunk of the membership went off to various splinters claiming to be continuations of the true WCG. Most of these splinters are obsessed with the apocalypse, and hold all sorts of fun teachings, like British Israelism.

I have no clue what this post means in relation to the OP.
He’s talking about the cultic methods certain groups use to control and manipulate their flocks. And YES they do have a lot in common. Even rad-Trad Catholic splinter groups have similar methods.
Any group can become cultic under certain circumstances.

You have answered my Observation.

The Similarity they Share is the Love of Christ and God. I will Love them for that.

Saying “cultic methods certain groups use to control and manipulate their flocks” backed my observation of what the post intended.

Unity in Christ is Needed, thus what is the good of it all. If we concentrate on the negativity, it will survive to live another day.

Regards Tony

I went to an IFB church for about two months. For one, they believe that alcohol is literally from the devil. Second, they believe in the King James Version – and only the King James Version. I told one of the pastors that I had trouble understanding the archaic language found in the KJV and he said I probably had a demon in me. I was like “What? I don’t have a demon in me!” He said, “Good, so you do understand the KJV.”

Looks like the KJV-only IFBs are getting wackier with time.

KJV — good enough for Jesus, good enough for me! :thumbsup:


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