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Could someone please explain this to me, my granddaughter is getting mixed up with a man who is on this list and I’m scared he’s teaching her wrong.


Nothing to explain. Where the bishops are, there the Church is also. Tell your grandmother to talk to her Catholic pastor about this situation.


It is on the Internet


Have your grandmother go to her local Catholic pastor or have him come to her and talk to her about why this group is NOT Catholic.


That’s the problem, this Bishop has got her brain washed! I wasn’t sure what that list meant! I’ve read some of the things that he’s said and he’s got these young kids thinking he is something special.


The child’s mother and pastor need to step in.


Total and complete fraud. A sham. Fake. Imitation.

Dangerous to salvation.

That’s all.


Hi @Lulu1 I’m sorry to hear of your worries and that this is causing you trouble.

The “organization” you are referring to is obviously a “sect” or “NRM” (new religious movement).

There are specific guidelines to dealing with this when a family member gets involved (or seduced) by such an organization.

The first step, is for you to remain calm in you assessment. Anxiety and worry will only hurt you and your loved one, now and hence forth. It is troubling, without a doubt! Yet, how far is you family member already involved and influenced by this “sect”?

I will say more, the main organization within the Catholic church that currently studies sects and periodically publishes on the subject is RIES (rede ibero-americana de estudio de las sectas). Most of their material is in Spanish, but some assorted publications are in English. The remaining organizations within the catholic church that study sects publish very little. There are good reasons for this…

I will try to find a document with the general guidelines on how a person is supposed to handle the situation when a family members gets involved with a sect.

This is a growing phenomenon within traditionally christian countries, that in my opinion has not received proper attention and you’ll find a lack of specific information on the subject.


Thank you so much! Of course, if the other options would of worked then I would not be asking all of these questions! This person seems to know exactly what to say to her to keep her attention on a daily basis. I would appreciate any help without the sarcasm. My granddaughter is the only family that I have close to my after my husband died.


If that was possible, I would have done that.


Ok @Lulu1, (…) So, I did a lot of research on the subject and spoke about it with several qualified persons. If there is anything I learned is that at this point you are not to “focus” on the sect or what the sect says. Forget the sect completely (their teachings and their publications) - don’t read any of it, because it will affect you, don’t give them kind of attention (this specific sect doesn’t seem to warrant that kind of research). That would only distract (and confuse) you from what is important: Your granddaughter. At this point, focus only on your granddaughter !!

I will recommend 3 articles, you should read. The first article is the most important!!! By a dominican called Vicente Jara who is a member of RIES. It is the simple breakdown of how you are to deal with your granddaughter directly in these upcoming times. It has everything you need (the bare essentials) anything beyond this article is going beyond the essential (use google translate if necessary or ask a friend to translate it, you can contact RIES for a translation):

The teachings of John Paul II about sects may bring you some comfort at this point and provide precious peace:

Sects in the teaching of John Paul II. Luis Santamaría del Río

Closest thing to an authoritative document from the Vatican you will find is the following article by Cardinal Arinze. It is very broad and general in its scope and, not for everyone to read. But perhaps you may find it useful:

THE CHALLENGE OF NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS - Cardinal Arinze at the Cardinals Meeting, April 5, 1991 in an address to the April 4-7 consistory at the Vatican

Lastly, a nice radio interview with Fr.Luis Santamaría del Río addressing the specific point you find yourself in:

I wish you and your family the best. God bless.


@TheLittleLady @CajunJoy65 @1ke FWIW, these 3 articles are the best and most essential resources I have found on the subject of sects. Should anyone ever ask about it, these are IMHO the best and most pertinent readings (given nothing has been published about that specific sect and it isn’t held as outright dangerous).

Special emphasis on the first article (very short - just the essential) by Vicente Jara, OP.

@Vico “heads up” brother in Christ.


Sects are experts at manipulation and predators of the weak.


Notice that this Bishop on the ISM website is the ‘Very Reverend’…these schismatic groups are always headed by such grandiose figures…first you had the Palmarian Pope in all his ridiculous non-glory and then you have this guy. They’re guys that like to play dress up and think of themselves as superior beings. They’re cults. IDK what advice to give sadly that hasn’t already been offered but I wanted to put my two cents in and emphasize this.


Is a sect the same thing as a cult


Yes. Two of the men have already been discussed here. One actually calls himself an Archbishop. They also perform exorcisms which makes my granddaughter think that they are religious crime fighters.


The rigorous difference in definition varies according with the dictionary used. Modern taxonomy is generally just “NRM” (new religious movement). Sect can be applied to groups outside of religion whereas cult applies only within religion (if not figurative). In some languages the world “cult” is neutral being used both as a verb and noun for “worship services”. Sect is generally derogatory. The 3rd article I linked by Cardinal Arinze discusses the specific taxonomy.


I never thought I would see this day!


Have had first hand experience with a dangerous sect, so bad in fact that there was an official excommunication. Heck, I have two friends who were actually, formally excommunicated. They chose this sect over Holy Mother Church.

In our town there is, a completely unrelated to the excom’d group, fake Catholic church with a fake priest running about town. He has deceived a few people, the followers are few.

These are in a way the spiritual equivalent of MLM companies. Most folks are smart enough to understand they will not get rich, but, some buy it hook-line-sinker. They alienate family and friends, sink money and time and effort into a dream that vanishes. The analogy does break down, because in MLM at least a few lucky ducks at the very top do make $$, while in a cult or sect, no one wins.

Our OP, we do not know if the granddaughter is 12 or 52. Advice is going to be different based on details.

Pray, be loving, don’t cut her off because when this thing crashes she is going to need one person to be there to guide her back home.


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