Indepth book on moral theology

Can anyone recommend a comprehensive book or set of books on moral theology? I know that St. Gregory the Great, St. Alphonsis Liguori, and St. Thomas Aquinas have done a lot of work on moral theology.

Please help me sort through this to find the right book. Thanks for your help.


A whole section of Aquinas’ “Summa Theologiae” deals with moral theology, however it can be tough applying what he writes to today’s problems, and his reading is so dry for modern readers. Still, he’s the gold standard.

You can get an abbreviated edition called “The Summa of the Summa” by Peter Kreeft on if you don’t want to read the whole huge thing.

If it isn’t for you, let me know if you want something more modern. Send me a PM.

Frank Sheed “Theology and Sanity”

I know this is a little late in coming but thank you for responding to my post…:slight_smile:

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