Index Librorum Prohibitorum


Is the Index still valid?

Is it one of those things that nobody talks about but still exists in theory?

Why have the CDF stopped updating it?


I am pretty sure it has been abolished. It had long since outlived its usefulness, though it did make sense when printing presses were powerful tools in the hands of the wealthy with which to influence opinion.


At first it got changed to Cinemaorum Prohibitorum (Legion of Decency).
Then it later was changed to Televisionorum Prohibitorum.
Then with the intro of homosexuals into the seminaries, it was finally abolished as being outright hypocritical.


It no longer has the force of law, however all the books/authors that were on it at the time it was discontinued remain prohibited/discouraged. The Vatican clarified this in 1966 through the CDF. The moral obligation to of not circulating or reading the condemned materials remains.

It does not merely exist “in theory”. It was replaced with a different procedure at the CDF

Because with the explosion of media formats and worldwide publishing it became impossible to keep up with it in the manner that it had previously.

Additionally, after the reformation many authors were no longer under the jursidiction of the Catholic Church-- what good would it do to issue a censure of Joel Olsteen? Catholics must use some common sense and select books with the proper credentials, by Catholic authors, and also be aware of works specfically condemned by the CDF.

The CDF does keep doctrinal and disciplinary documents on their website some with links to the full text.

The CDF in no way stopped issuing statements on books, authors, etc., they merely ammended their process to try to adapt to the overwhelming volume of literature (and new modes of communicaiton such as the web, TV, movies, etc) and the modern world.


This is completely false.


Maybe because it would cause way too much unrest and discontent to list the N.A.B. on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum where it belongs.


Apparently people today are quite capable of distinguishing between faithful writings and utter trash. Who need the Index Librorum when we can easily determine for ourselves what is right to read and what is not?

Afterall, didnt everyone see the stupidity and ignorance in Dan Brown’s works right away? We dont believe everyone we read, do we?


Do I recall correctly that the works of Alexander Dumas were on the index. Like the Count of Monte Christo, the Three Muskateers, The Man in the Iron Mask etc.?


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