India Ahead of USA in Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy Helping Patients In India
A government run hospital in Mumbai, India is helping patients improve their quality of life through stem cell therapy using adult stem cells. Sion Hospital in Mumbai is helping patients with diseases and conditions such as spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and motor neuron disease.

From the stem cell success story :

Ankur Nath, 23, a muscular dystrophy patient was eating pizza for the first time in 9 years thanks to the stem cells taken from his bone marrow at Sion Hospital. In fact, before the stem cell treatment 4 months ago, for the last 9 years, Ankur was unable to savor any meal due to the complications of his muscular dystrophy.

A Better Quality of Life? Who Wouldn’t Want That?
Skeptics of adult stem cell research say that stem cells will probably not cure Ankur’s muscular dystrophy. They are probably right, the stem cells at this time will not cure Ankur. However, the adult stem cells can slow the progression of the muscular dystrophy and give him a better quality of life. Who wouldn’t want that? I can only imagine the joy he felt in eating that pizza.

The other patient featured is Dr. Hemangi Sane, 34, a doctor who formerly practiced in New York and is suffering from motor neuron disease , the same disease that Stephen Hawking has.

Dr. Sane says :

“My shoulders are no longer droopy. I can speak clearly and for hours at a stretch. I can walk without swaying,’’ the 34-year-old listed. Until August (before the stem cell therapy), she spoke mostly in whispers and, while walking with assistance, could only register the designs on the floor. “Now, I can hold my neck up and watch all the beautiful colours,’’ she added.

India More Advanced Than USA In Stem Cell Research
This is wonderful what they are doing at Sion Hospital. And it is a shame that the United States does not have similar hospitals- hospitals that use stem cell therapy to give patients like Ankur and Dr. Sane a better quality of life. Make no mistake, this isn’t voodoo, these doctors are simply putting a person’s own repair stem cells into the damaged area that is affecting them. If you have never been through stem cell therapy or have never witnessed it, you would be shocked at how amazingly simple it is. And you would be similarly shocked that it isn’t available to patients in the United States. As I continue to repeat- not treating these patients with something (their own adult stem cells) that can help them (with no negative effects) is allowing them to suffer and die.

More from Sion Hospital in Mumbai, India:

The first patient whom Sion Hospital treated, Ravindra Ahire, who met with a bike accident in April 2007 and sustained severe spinal cord injuries, is, in fact, walking with a stick. “We have treated 76 patients with various diseases so far and most are doing much better than what they were doing before the therapy,’’ said Dr Sharma, who began the stem cell treatment after years of conducting laboratory studies.

“Muscular atrophy and motor neuron disease can bring about a complete change in the patient’s life. By offering them stem cell therapy, we have managed to brighten their lives to an extent. They are more independent than before,’’ said Dr Sandhya Kamat, dean of Sion Hospital.

In fact, Dr Sharma feels that Ankur’s recovery “after stem cell therapy is nothing short of miraculous’’. For one, Ankur was the first patient on a ventilator to be treated by the Sion team.

No harm in treatment from adult stem cells– only potential upside.


We are rapidly becoming a poorly educated, uninformed & ignorant second or third rate country behind China & India!

We are so obsessed with political correctness & false science, like that used to promote the unproven global warming theory, while wasting billions of $$$$ on immoral & unproven embryonic stem cell research which diverts limited research funds from already successful Adult stem cell research!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Keep posting, Don. The United States investment community is understandably, looking to make money, but sometimes, it funds research that is obviously immoral. People seem to forget that even if embryonic stem cells lead to something, they are foreign material and the body will try to reject them. Adult stem cells are ethical, moral and useful without rejection complications, right now. But, speaking pragmatically, where’s the money in that? Sadly, it’s about patents and methods that can be held by one company.


Thank you very much Mark. Once again, you state clearly in 2 sentences what I clumsily try to say in 100 sentences :)

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