INDIA - As India shifts towards fundamentalism, Indian priest urges Christmas prayers for religious freedom [AN]


As Hindu nationalist parties and movements come to power, a nationalist and extremist definition of the nation is taking hold. Attacks against minorities, particularly Christians, continue. By his silence, the prime minister takes sides. India is now likely to become another Pakistan. A public relations officer at the Archdiocese of Delhi shares his thoughts.



I hope India can maintain remaining a relatively peaceful nation and Christians can be left alone.

Here is this other thread about the situation in India:


I’ve never heard of attacks against Christians in India. :cool: i do know that Pakistani Muslims have a history of terrorizing Indians though… The Indians have had enough of it, just like the Europeans are getting fed-up, such as in Germany for example.


Have there been physical terror attacks against Christians in India? Or are these more political kinds of “attacks”?


Maybe arson and beatings but on a lowscale, I’m not sure if anyone has actually been killed.

Bangarapet: Christians in southern India were recovering from injuries after a church was attacked by dozens of Hindu fighters, church members said Wednesday, November 26.

Some 25 Hindu fighters broke into the Calvary Apostolic Church congregation in the town of Bangarapet in Karnataka during a church service Sunday, November 23, according to witnesses.

The church was vandalized, and eight of the worshippers were reportedly injured in the attack; at least two remained in hospital for what Christians called serious injuries, reported

“The whole scene of a mob assaulting my believers was shocking and very frightening,” said Pastor Robert Solomon D’Souza in published remarks.

“First they destroyed the furniture in the church and then started beating up believers who were gathered in the church for worship,” he explained in a statement distributed by advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC).

“The children and women were crying aloud as they were beaten up by the mob,” he recalled.


This is really unfortunate.

Y’know what? I think Hindu fundamentalism (Hindutva) is essentially the opposite of New Age. If the attempt to force Eastern religion and philosophy into a Western context resulted in New Age, the idea to interpret Hindu thought using Western (monotheistic/Christian) political and religious ideas resulted in Hindutva. But this is more of an ‘accidental’ result: in the attempt to oppose Westernisation, proponents of Hindutva had unwittingly ended up embracing many Western religious concepts - concepts that were originally foreign to Indian thought. I think the lesson here is: you do not arbitrarily mix anything that comes from fundamentally different cultures, or the results will be disastrous.


This is more of a muslim hindu conflict right since those are the biggest groups and have had the most conflict in the past. I read somewhere that its a miracle that India has been able to keep together because it really isn’t a western nation state with one dominant ethnicity but a huge amount and a lot of diversity, very regional. There are tens of millions catholics there but for a country of over a billion it isn’t that much.


Christians, Muslims, and Sikhs are attacked, beaten and murdered by Hindus all the time in India. The attacks have gotten worse over the years.


Hmm… I guess i just never imagined Indians as violent people at all. I remember reading about all the psychadelic bands from the 60’s who traveled there and brought back ideologies of peace and tolerance -which effectively changed that generation, and influenced America in a whole new way. It was “the age of aquarius”…


…this is what India did to America. :smiley:

The 5th Dimension** Age of Aquarius 1969:


Well, maybe the India influence was earlier than that. I dont know, that was my parents generation. :shrug:


I have a somewhat positive view of India while acknowledging:

It’s a subcontinent.
It has over a billion people.
With that huge population, for probably as long as can be remembered, they are accustomed to some violence there, it be with the Tamils or whatever group.
They are still a society with a Caste system, untouchables, which is unacceptable.
They have been known to in areas to practice gendercide, I’ve heard this, against young girls.


Hindu–Christian conflict**

Historically, Hindus and Christians have lived in relative peace since the arrival of Christianity in India from the early part of the first millennium. In areas where Christianity existed in pre-European times like Kerala, land to build churches was often donated by Hindu kings and Hindu landlords.[citation needed] The arrival of European colonialists brought about large-scale missionary activity in South India and North-East India. Many indigenous cultures were converted to Christianity. The Goan Inquisition, when close to 300 Hindu temples were destroyed, is pointed out as a blot in the history of Goa.[116]

There has been an increase in anti-Christian violence in recent years, particularly in the states of Odisha, which is usually perpetrated by opposition to Pentecostalism.[117] The acts of violence include arson of churches, converting Christians back to Hinduism by force and threats of physical violence, distribution of threatening literature, burning of Bibles, raping of nuns, murder of Christian priests, and destruction of Christian schools, colleges, and cemeteries.[118][119] An Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons were burnt to death by a gang while sleeping in his station wagon at Manoharpur village in Keonjhar district in Odisha, India on 22 January 1999. In the annual human rights reports for 1999, the United States Department of State also criticised India for “increasing societal violence against Christians.”[120] The report on anti-Christian violence listed over 90 incidents of anti-Christian violence, ranging from damage of religious property to violence against Christians pilgrims.

Muslim–Christian conflict

In spite of the fact that there have been relatively fewer conflicts between Muslims and Christians in India in comparison to those between Muslims and Hindus, or Muslims and Sikhs, the relationship between Muslims and Christians have also been occasionally turbulent. With the advent of European colonialism in India throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, Christians were systematically persecuted in a few Muslim-ruled kingdoms in India.

And then, a rather long writeup, longer than the “Hindu-Christian conflict”.

In modern times, Muslims in India who convert to Christianity are often subjected to harassment, intimidation, and attacks by Muslims.[107][108] In Jammu and Kashmir, the only Indian state with a Muslim majority, a Christian convert and missionary named Bashir Tantray was killed, allegedly by militant Islamists in 2006.[139]

I’d personally like to hear what someone from India might say about this. Perhaps, parts of India are largely unaffected. Perhaps, hostility is more aimed at those evangelizing, not that that would make it okay.

We do know, Pakistan has had a lot of negative news per the treatment of Christians. I’d also keep in mind that perhaps a contributing factor is that India, living next door to Pakistan with many radicals and problems on that border sometimes, may be somewhat pushed in this direction sometimes.


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