INDIA - For Indian activist, pope's peace message entails rights for Christian and Muslim Dalits [AN]


The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) issues an appeal. Half of the world’s slaves are in India, mostly Dalits and Tribals. Non-Hindu “untouchables” do not have access to the rights and benefits provided by Scheduled Caste (SC) status.



Out of 25 million Christians in India, 20 million are slaves.

If Pope Frances is able to raise this as an issue that Catholics want to talk about, good for him.


Your thoughts may be well intended. You do not seem to understand how governments and hate speech works, however. It is apparent that all 20 million will be re-assigned identities that qualify any encroachment on each person’s status as hate speech.

You will then be arrested for hate speech in India. May Shiva bless you, greatly, sir.


Who is Shiva?
That is to say, what relevance does Shiva have for any Christian?


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