India is worse than Africa - recent study shows

A recent study shows that "Eight Indian states account for more poor people than in the 26 poorest African countries combined, a new measure of global poverty has found.
The Indian states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, have 421 million "poor" people, the study found.
This is more than the 410 million poor in the poorest African countries, it said.
The Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) measures a range of "deprivations" at household levels.
Developed by Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) with UN support, it will feature in the upcoming UNDP Human Development Report.
The measure assess a number of "deprivations" in households - from education to health to assets and services.
"The MPI is like a high resolution lens which reveals a vivid spectrum of challenges facing the poorest households," said OPHI director Dr Sabina Alkire."


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I don't think this is surprising, given that India has the second largestpopulation the world. Although the country has risen significantly in its affluence during the past 40 years, back then it was regarded as a basket case. Enormous disparities of wealth exist. And enormous disparities of public services exist. India is still trying to come to terms with itself as a nation. Heck, the government doesn't even control all of its territory, there is a long running (more than two decades) Maoist rebellion which rules land well inside India's borders.

India is definitely a rising power, but it is lagging far behind China (which, along with Pakistan, is its arch-rival) in terms of development.

Here is the link to the Multidimensional Poverty Index compiled by the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative:

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