INDIA - Kerala: Hindu fundamentalists forcibly convert 39 Dalit Christians [AN]

As the weakest group in society, Dalits are attracted to the benefits given to Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists. For more than a year, the Hindu fundamentalist VHP has been working on conversions. Granting benefits to some and not all violates the constitution, said Sajan George.


THEIR love is Conditional, join OUR faith and you
will receive, but God’s Love is unconditional!!!
Look at Bl. Mother Teresa, she ministers to mostly
MUSLIM poor, but she didn’t forcibly convert them!!
we have to look at God’s universal Charity for man-

That being said, we must do everything possible
short of forcibly to convert those who are out-
side of Christ! If the situ. was reversed WE would
want to be saved, too! So preaching the gospel to
them in a spirit of gentleness is not only allowed
but DESIRED!!!

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