INDIA - Madhya Pradesh anti-conversion law 'a threat to democracy' [AN]

A few days before the 67th Independence Anniversary the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) asks state governor not to sign the amendment to the current law. The amendment would impose penalties of up to four years in prison and fines for those who try to convert without notifying the authorities and also for priests.


Those religions which are very enthusiastic in converting christians in christian majority countries (muslims, hindus and buddist) are opposing conversions to christianity in the countries where they are majority. Anyway they will put thousands of reasons to justify their hippocratic attitudes.

There is a state in India named Arunachal pradesh , which passed anti conversion law in 1978 to prevent conversions to christianity. At that time christians where only 2% of the population. But now 40% of the people are Roman catholics. Government officialy confirms that 18% of state population are Roman Catholics.

So approval from the worldly authorities are not important for christians for preaching their religion. They will always try to prevent people from hearing about christ.

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