India: No Sex Education - Promotes Promiscuity

Indian Government: Sex Education “Has Absolutely No Place” in Our Schools - It “Promotes Promiscuity”

Do you believe that sex education in school promotes promiscuity?
Do you believe that sex education in school distracts from the 3 R’s - reading, 'riting, & 'rithmatic?

For a long time I’ve been asking myself, “Why do we waste taxpayer money on sex education?”.

I was surprised to find that the national government is involved in local education, since the states generally have considerably more autonomy than states and provinces in other countries. But sure enough,

The government also held powers to make national policies for educational development and could regulate selected aspects of education throughout India.

Apparently this is one of those selected aspects.

In answer to your questions, I think that sex education can obviously be done in a way that promotes promiscuity, but it can also be done in a more intelligent way that does not.

Any other subject distracts from the 3 R’s: Phys ed, music, science, social studies, health, art, safety (don’t talk to strangers!), computers, etc. Some more than others. That in itself isn’t much of a reason not to do these subjects.

When I was growing up, sex education was more of a biology lesson with diagrams of the sex organs. It did not discuss ‘alternative sex life-styles’. It did not promote condoms. The Indian government’s rejection of western-style sex education is an indictment of the cause & effect on western culture as they perceive it. Is their assessment clear-sighted or biased?

Very well-stated question in response to my noncommittal post. Clearly the committee has a biased agenda, else the report on sex education would not have included requirements like

“Naturopathy”, “Ayurveda” “Unani” and “Yoga” be made integral part of the new syllabus.

But a nativist bias does not automatically mean their assessment is inaccurate. Reading the points made by individual members of the petition committee, it’s clear that some are fearmongering and grandstanding. Such political theater is not the best way to establish policy in an area like science (whether you want to count sex ed/health as a science topic, or simply the science of facts and figures as to whether various types of sex ed contribute to promiscuity). So I suspect that the committee overreacted at least a bit. I’m hard-pressed to accept that sex ed is a huge factor in promiscuity, but it could be contributory. However, I haven’t studied this subject in enough detail to give a well-thought out assessment like the committee.

The perception of the petitioners seeking to stop sex education seems to predict the breakdown of the Indian educational system due to western influences. I’m wondering whether this is their view of our educational system now, and theirs if they follow our example.

The gravamen of the petition can be stated in the following points:
a. that sex education will corrupt Indian youth and lead to collapse of education system;
b. that sex education will transform student-teacher relation into that of a man and woman;
c. that it is an education to sell condoms; and
d. that it will lead to creation of immoral society and also lead to a growth in single parent families.

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