India offers cars and TV sets for sterilisation

From the Telegraph:

Health officials in India are offering attractive incentives including a car, motorcycles and television sets to men and women who volunteer for sterilisation in a bid to control the country’s surging population.

Launching the scheme yesterday in Rajasthan’s Jhunjunu, 155miles west of New Delhi Sitaram Sharma the desert town’s chief medical officer was hopeful that these enticements would tempt at least 30,000 people to undergo sterilisation.

“We are confident that this idea will work well” Mr Sharma said of the three-month long scheme.
I’m old enough to remember when banks used to offer toasters for opening a savings account.

I hate to sound paranoid, but this to me looks like a campaign aimed at the poor rather than anything else.

It isn’t the middle class and the rich in India who are having all those children, so your suspicion is sound.

Not just them, don’t you mean?

I do think it’s aimed at the poor. The incentives would not be much motivation for couples of means.

Of course, one of the prices is a really cheap car. And poor people with many children are the undesireables, not the rich as they’re less of a burden on the state.

Exactly right. The poor would have a hard time resisting such blandishments. Imagine having no car ever, then being given one for little effort.

But with terrible moral reasoning behind it.

Yes, but it probably seems like an effective strategy to the Government there. Who knows but that their fine plan will flop?

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