India offers Fire Arms permit for vasectomies

Those who undergo the operation can still have their application for a gun licence turned down, but the chance they are given to jump the queue and be considered before their fertile peers is, it seems, a powerful incentive. Up to 15,000 people apply each year for a gun permit in Shivpuri, but only about 500 are granted.

I thought this was interesting in the article.I remember from another forum poster on another thread that the Greeks encouraged homosexual relationships in their many wars because they could the men to fight harder to save their partner.

— **Homosexuality in Ancient Crete was, according to Aristotle, encouraged as a means of population control. **He wrote: “The legislator encourages the separation of men from women, lest they should have too many children and the companionship of men with one another — whether this is a good or bad thing I shall have an opportunity of considering at another time”

Sources: Aristotle’s Politics, US Government

When I first read the title, I though it was USING firearms for Vasectomies. :eek:

My thought as well…“you need a fire arms permit in order to get a vasectomy? They must have different procedures over there.” :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ready, aim, fire! Right between the uh, umm…:eek:

:rolleyes: Maybe they should be offering gun permits for not aborting or murdering baby girls, since, like in China, males are valued over females.

ouch, ooh, ouch
oh, yeah, have to read the actual article quoted before commenting although as an incentive, I can think of some better ones. wonder how long before India addresses the real demographic issues inherent in enforced sterility.

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