INDIA - "Second Class Citizens": 15 Christians arrested for alleged forced conversions [AN]


Police in Puttur in Karnataka stop celebrations to “protect” the Church, surrounded by Hindu radicals. The religious authorities called to testify and handed rules for future prayer services. These included the obligation to notify the police. Catholic leader: “In secular India, Christians are persecuted and vulnerable.”



In India, there are people who behave very much like Muslins. We need to pray for them.


The Indian priests who have served in my parish say this is mostly in rural areas. Hindus also persecute Muslims in those areas. In cities people of all faiths know that the Catholic Church is the place to come for help. Native language speakers frequently come to Catholic schools to learn English which can be their ticket out of poverty.

We certainly do need to pray for them. You could add that to any thread any time, and at every mass all over the world, we do, even if they are not named.


In india like everywhere else there are people who behave very much like humans have always done, we don’t need to use Muslims as some standards of ‘awfulness’.


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