Indian born multimillionaire Gurbaksh Chahal's courtroom drama irks people all over the world


Gurbaksh Chahal may have been an inspirations for young Indian students and many others all around the world, however his nasty nature has surfaced after he allegedly attacked his wife and injured her. The 31 year old, Indian born, American internet entrepreneur shocked his followers and fans, when he was arrested in August last year for domestic violence.

In the most recent developments in the year long case, Chahal, a multimillionaire, has been let off by the American officials only with three years of probation, a 52-week domestic violence training course and 25 hours of community service; after having pled guilty to one domestic violence battery and one charge of battery.

Chahal, a Sikh by religion, was reportedly miffed with his girlfriend when she confessed to have cheated on him with another man on her trip to Las Vegas. Angry and mad, Gurbaksh thrashed and kicked his girlfriend, Juliet Kakish, over 117 times, over a span of 30 minutes. His home security videos evidently show the same.

In August last year, the tycoon was arrested and charged by the San Francisco District Attorney with 45 felonies and 2 misdemeanors for the offence. He however was released soon after, as the video footage of the crime were reportedly sought illegally by the police officials. Soon afterwards, the girlfriend withdrew support from the case proceedings, thus leading to an abrupt termination.

In April 2014, the case was pulled up again and the judge ruled that the video could not be used as evidence in the trial, thus letting him go with what has been deemed as a ‘miniscule charge for an evil crime.’ The world criticized the verdict and continues to do so.

Gurbaksh Chahal’s over involvement with Barack Obama’s Democratic Party, has also been touted as a reason for the court to have leveraged a rather easy punishment.

Big Democrat/Obama donor, I think into the millions, even Daily Kos and Think Progress are speaking about how unjust this sentencing was, travesty of justice.


I agree this is unjust-----

OTOH, when the tape is found inadmissible in court and even the girlfriend is withdrawing charges-----what do you expect?
(Although there ARE laws in some places which allow prosecutors to press charges even when the victim refuses to press charges----but unfortunately, there are other stumbling blocks here).

But yes, this is unjust. But I understand why it happened. :(:frowning:


If the prosecutors could have continued to pursue charges, they should have done so. As to why the video was inadmissible in court, I have no idea.


I guess they didn’t have an official search warrant to get the video.

It would be amazing if they actually have the beating and have seen the beating on tape that lasted some 30 minutes. But I’ve watched law and order, so I know you have to be able to bring in evidence in a way that respects a person’s constitutional rights.


Yes, it must be done in respect of their constitutional rights, that much is for sure.


If he wasn’t an Obama donor, he would be doing heavy jail time.


So very true because Republican fat cats ALWAYS receive swift and harsh justice for their crimes. That’s why the jails are full of bankers and corporate executives who have committed worse crimes.


Very true, being Conservative, protecting religious rights, creating jobs, standing against government funded recreational sex (paying for contraception), fighting against the assembly-line systematic murdering of defenseless innocent babies (abortion) is much worse than beating your girlfriend to an inch of death.


You know Wall St gives vastly more sums to Democrats right?

Ever since Americans were old enough to crawl in front of a television set, they’ve been told that Republicans are the party of rich white guys, and Democrats are the champions of the poor.

Prepare to flip that thinking upside down. Results from an analysis based on Open Secrets reporting shows that the GOP has lost out to the Democrat Party in the eyes of fat cats by $416 million over the last 25 years.

Not only that, if you factor in all the indirect benefits the Democrat Party gets from the non-profit sector, left-wing activism, public and private sector unions, Wall Street banks, universities, and superfund contributors, it has been estimated by Dr. David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin in their book The New Leviathan that the Republican Party is outspent in politics by a factor of 7-to-1.

Bear this in mind when the left goes off on a tirade about the Koch Brothers bogeymen, who come in 59th on a list of top contributors. Public and private sector unions leave the Koch Brother’s measly $18 million over 25 years in the dust.


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