Indian man kills his American wife and then kills himself


Very sad story involving the slaying of Erin Willinger, by her husband. Full report can be read here:
Hopefully this tragedy will serve as a warning for young people: Be careful with whom you date and eventually marry. Don’t marry/ elope with a person you hardly know. Dating someone “online” from another country is dangerous as you know nothing about who that person is. He/she could be a fraud. In this case, the woman rashly fell in love with a total stranger she met in a foreign land, and here’s the tragic outcome of situation. :frowning:
Let us pray for the repose of Erin’s soul.


Truly tragic. :frowning:

Praying for the repose of their souls. :signofcross:


Praying for the repose of both souls.


Yes, we must pray for both of their souls. Sorry for having failed to say that.


Sad. What troubles me as well, is there are usually signs well before a marriage, that the “offending person” has this bent. I think that on-line dating removes, even further, a person’s ability to really evaluate the other person’s true personality and emotional capacity.

Anyone planning a marriage should spend at least one full year getting to know their possible mate. And that is a minimum in my thinking.


Few people actual date online. They simply meet online, then date like any other couple. I met my wife on Catholic match, which is no different than meeting at Church or through friends. We still had to go on a first date, date one another, go through the normal steps.

Now this is far different than people exclusively interact in cyberspace. That can mask some things, I’d imagine. It would very difficult to spend your entire relationship online and feel as though you know someone.


Oh I agree, though there are documented cases where folks have based their entire romance via online communications, and then been married. The results in a good many of these cases have been terrible.

Out of necessity, I earned my Masters Degree online. I hated that aspect of my course work. I am old school enough that not having that face to face interaction made me feel like I was working in a void. It was much more difficult to learn this way, than if I had the ability to take traditional courses.

It does amaze me how well some people do mask their true selves from others, and/or, (depending on the situation) how easily others fall for it. My mother was a woman that could read people like a book, and it did not matter how much they tried to “be” something different on the outside. If she told you not to trust someone you had better run.


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