Indian Muslim Leaders Use Fatwa to Condemn Islamic State


NEW DELHI—More than 1,000 Indian Muslim scholars and religious leaders have jointly condemned Islamic State in an effort to counter the militant group’s drive to recruit young men and women in a country that is home to the world’s second-largest Muslim population.

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I am glad to hear that!


Issuing a Fatwa is a major step.

"A fatwā is an Islamic legal pronouncement, issued by an expert in religious law (mufti), pertaining to a specific issue, usually at the request of an individual or judge to resolve an issue where Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), is unclear. Typically, such uncertainty arises as Muslim society works to address new issues – issues that develop as technology and society advance. “Can a Muslim be involved in cloning?” for instance.

We might compare a fatwā to the legal ruling of a high court or the Supreme Court, depending on the authority of the mufti behind it. However, a fatwā is not binding as is the verdict of the secular courts; while correct and applicable to all members of the Muslim faith, the fatwā is optional for the individual to respect or not."


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