Indian priest longs for US mission

A former student of mine in India would like to serve in the USA He is 30/ perfect English/ a small fame as a preacher. His area has enough priests. He has a perfect record.

But I have no idea how to start the process. Here in India with the Nuncio? An American bishop? His bishop here does not object.

I would appreciate advice from anyone have knowledge of the procedure/

As far as I know, you should not do anything. The bishops are the ones in control of this. This priest should talk to his bishop, and then his bishop will do what is necessary to have him transferred.

Feel free to talk to our diocese: I cannot speak for them, but we have an Indian priest here locally. The Indian Sisters of Charity are building an American motherhouse here, also.

I’ve heard of “freelance” priests (not the proper term!), so this is not that unusual.


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