Indian priest?s naked body found on roadside [CN-USA]

Catholic priest, Fr James Mukalel, 39 has been found murdered in a remote area near Mangalore, southern India.


SP A S Rao said the post-mortem report would take at least a week. “All our field inquiries have been kept pending until such time and they will take shape once we know the cause of death,” Rao said. The police have registered a case of suspicious unnatural death under Section 174 C of Cr.PC.

God rest his soul and may perpetual light shine upon him…and may the angels conduct him to a place of light, refreshment ,and peace

i read this earlier today. very sad. we need to pray for all of the catholics in india and also in viet nam. in viet nam they want to have a catholic zone.

How very sad. :frowning: Lord, have mercy on the evil ones who do such things. :crossrc: And may this priest’s memory be eternal. :crossrc:

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