Indian Removal Act


With the thread about whether or not the American Revolution was justified, I wanted to start a thread about the history post-American Revolution and the treatment of native Americans…

(one example is )

I dont think anyone is going to claim that this and other autrosities against them, were morally justifiable, but how do we address these historical facts and realities as a, now, Christian nation.


(In honor of all those Native Americans I have known, whose lives have touched mine, on this July 4th. I am not naive to your people’s history)

Freedom Rings

Let Freedom ring from the quiet voices of the grandmothers
Who have lived and loved
In-spite of the global conflicts
that have set their children and grandchildren
to fight other brown skinned peoples
for their oil
to uphold a standard of living unknown to them.

Let Freedom Ring
For the grandchildren of people who have been imprisoned and impoverished on reservations
While whites have become obscenely wealthy
On the lands and resources stolen
From our ancestors and continue to be stolen today!

Let Freedom Ring
For the children who teeter
On the wrong peak and wallow in the valleys
Of health disparities in a country that doesn’t even care enough to
Mark their measurements in their epidemiological studies
Who’s charts read:
White, Black, Hispanic, and other.

Let Freedom Ring
For our relatives imprisoned behind bars,
Victims of hunger, poverty, racial injustice
Or as my brother Fred would say:
“Driving while Indian.”

Let Freedom Ring
For me and my sisters who have been raped
while the perpetrators go unpunished because the crime
Occurred on an Indian Reservation
Where the tribal police do not have the authority to arrest the white, black or red perpetrators.

Let Freedom Ring
For the women and men who have loved each other
And the two spirits among us
Who have held tightly to the traditions
Weaving the circle of love necessary
For our survival.

Let Freedom Ring
For the Navajo and the Hopi
For the Cherokee and Cheyenne
For the Ojibwe and Lakota
And all the nations born to these lands
Of Turtle Island, ni mama akii.

Let Freedom Ring
For the beautiful brown skinned children
With shining hair and bright eyes
We are proud of you
We love you
Know this and freedom will ring in your hearts!


Agree. There is indeed a great deal to be answered to. I also believe that books such as “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” should be mandatory History reading in our schools.




Go see the movie “America” which came out on the 2nd.


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