Indiana woman who uses box cutter on 18-year-old's pe*** cuts deal, avoids jail time


I edited slightly the headline for obvious reasons. Hope that is okay.

The victim didn’t seek jail time so long as Vela acknowledged her crime.

Should she have gotten some jail time? I think she should.


Yes, she deserves jail time.

Not sure the headline had to be edited, though. It’s not a dirty word.


She told the teen that if he “didn’t have anything to hide then he should let her cut him and that regardless of what happened he was to leave and never come back,” according to the police report.

That’s some bat-**** crazy logic there.


My thought exactly.


It sounded like she just cut the kid and didn’t cut it off. It also sounds like this is a den of thieves with a bunch of bad choices on the mom’s part. If she thought he was molesting the 2 year old which is sick enough, why isn’t she worried about the older girl with this kid? Why didn’t she call the police instead of resorting to this.? Hopefully the 2 year can be removed to a healthier home.


I think what makes it difficult is you hear about sexual abuse everyday in the news it seems; there is yet another news report of something more heinous than the day before…which probably, along with the marijuana, influenced this woman’s suspicions. A case against the legalization of recreational marijuana use?


I missed that part. Thanks! I sometimes like to say Amsterdam is the best case against it in the same way the fact that a block away from the multi-million dollar casinos on the Atlantic City Boardwalk looks like a demilitarized zone is an argument against legal gambling. :slight_smile:


They should have used the Violence Against Women Act to prosecute her.


Like one of the commenters on the article’s site, I can’t help but think this: If a man had done a similar thing to a woman, he would never have gotten anything near as light a sentence.


She deserves jail time. We have courts in this nation for a reason. Vigilante justice is not acceptable.


I don’t see anything in the article indicating there was actually cause for her suspicion that he molested anyone.


Haven’t you heard? According to liberal feminist thought, all men are rapists, by definition.


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