India's Deadly Secret

A video from ABC News:

At about 1:34 the correspondent refers to the abortions as “killing”. Interesting.


So terribly sad.
Thanks for posting the link.

“Sex Selective Abortion”…
What can you say to THAT…!?

Goes on in the US also.

Perhaps there is a small amount of sex selection in the United States but American culture does not demand a dowry to accept a woman into a family as a son’s wife. In effect a son is a parents retirement plan and a daughter is just another liability worth more as the parents senior citizen health care aid should they not be able to pay another family willing to take her in

I think that as time goes on sex trafficing (i.e. kidnapping and women and girls for sexual purposes) from areas where the ratio between male/female is more normal (such as the U.S.) to India will become a huge problem:(

Yes it will cause all sorts of problems. Perhaps the dowry will be “waived” since girls will be in such high demand.

My initial reason for posting the video was to call attention to the fact that the correspondent referred to the abortions as “killing” which most of us on this site do, but it is not heard of much in the mainstream media.

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