Indirect servile work?

Hey guys,

On Sundays when playing video games like minecraft, would mining and building homes be considered indirectly doing servile work on Sundays, thus violating the 3rd Commandment?


Have you sought help for your scrupulosity yet?? Posting on CAF will not lead you to peace.

I don’t know if I still have scrupulosity or it’s just a mere lack of knowledge… should I still check with my Priest regardless?

Scrupulosity can be hard to get rid of, I have first hand knowledge of that :slight_smile: you could be right though, it might just be lack of knowledge. But it sounds to me like you could do with a chat to the priest. He can fully explain the relevant church teachings to you so that next time, if you have a question about a slightly different situation, you’ll be able to discern it on your own :slight_smile:

You’re not really mining or building…it’s a GAME

Actually as a previous poster already stated you are playing a game. You are not doing real work.

Playing games is not work. Do you really think that mining in a game is actual work?

Yes, please check with your priest. The fact that you even asked this question leads me to believe you would benefit from speaking with him. God bless!

This place has definitely gone downhill.

And as yet no one has even pointed out that the term “servile work” isn’t even contained in the current Code of Canon Law.

I think you just did, but that isn’t really the point, is it? :shrug:

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