Indirect theft and God interfering!


Since I was a kid I have been interested in aviation and airlines. When I got older I started to work in the industry and from time to time I would be given pens, t-shirts, keyrings, model aircraft and sometimes service items like airline china, blankets, safety cards etc.

There are collectors events were items that are no longer wanted by airlines are sold. Some airlines like United and Qantas have websites where you can legally buy blankets and teapots etc that they use in first and business class.

However there is a lot of stuff for sale on ebay. And this is my problem, as a collector I am tempted to buy but airlines don’t give away five or six blankets and full sets of first class china. So a lot of this stuff must of been stolen.

A few days ago there was a blanket from American Airlines that I wanted on ebay the seller wanted more than I wanted to pay. However there was a best offer option. So I made him an offer and he didn’t respond. This morning I decided to buy at the price he wanted but for no known reason my credit card was declined.

There was no reason for my card to be declined and the seller should of jumped at my offer, it was close to what he was asking. The secular world would call this a coincidence. Maybe God was saving me from myself.

I could ask “is it wrong to buy things on eBay when we know they are most likely stolen?” but I know the answer to that.

So my question is have you ever been tempted to steal or sin in some way and God has done something to stop you?



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