INDONESIA - ISLAM - Bowing to ulema, Constitutional Court approves "forced" marriages with minor [AN]

Civil society outraged by supreme court decision, already criticized for the ruling on mixed faith couples. The Court legalized marriages of minors under 16, considering them adult ready for marriage. MUI pressure instrumental. Indonesian activist: a dangerous precedent.


This is unfortunate but fully expected - the attempts to ban forced child marriages in Islamic Countries is viewed as “un-Islamic”…
…As can be confirmed “Minors under 16” means as young as 11 or even earlier.

Unfortunately, “outraged Civil Society” in an Islamic Country is irrelevant…
…It will continue on happening because it’s “built in” to the religion.
…No one would expect Christians to cease the practice of Baptism, would they?

It’s something we all have to pray about and perhaps the world will collectively come together and terminate such practices as forced marriages with children.

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