Indonesia: Islamic Radicals Disrupt the Celebration of Mass


First two muslims, sitting in the congregation, insulted the priest and people during mass. Then after they were thrown out, they came back with others, who intimidated the people and demanded a stop to the mass. The priest and his assistant had to flee for their lives.


This has happened before in Indonesia, too! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:



But not in a sinful way. Lord, have mercy…


When i attended mass in Jakarta there was someone stationed at the nearby mosque ready with a loud speaker hooked up to Islamic prayer recordings.

Whenever the Christian congregation would start singing the Islamic prayer recordings would be blasted out from the mosque about 2 seconds later.

A similar thing happened in Jerusalem when we did the Stations of the Cross. When we stopped at the different places to hear the priest explain to the pilgrims the different places thought to correspond to the different stations the nearby mosque would blurt out prayers until the pilgrims left, struggling to hear the priest.


Indonesia and Malaysia may not have the same degree of radical Islam as the countries in the Middle East and Africa but nevertheless non-Muslims are still oppressed there.

I think Islam is fundamentally incompatible with other belief systems. Sooner or later Islam will try to dominate.

Those who think Islam is just another form of Christianity are deluded.


In Africa, Muslims and Christians look out for each other, in Pakistan Muslims are helping to build Christian Churches. Now, there are many threads which discuss how Pope Francis is telling us Christians to be forgiving toward even the greatest of sinners. As Christians we should continue to be nice to people like those 2 angry Muslim men, and the group of angry Muslim men that went in the 2nd time. Plus ISIL wants for Christians to hate all Muslims, I refuse to hate anyone as a Christian though. I think the unity of Muslims and Christians today shatters the bigoted ISIL type view that Christians and Muslims can not live in peace.


I am not criticizing individual Muslims. I am criticizing Islam. I disagree with its tenets.

Being nice to an individual Muslim and respecting their dignity does not mean you cannot disagree with Islam.

Islam teaches dominance. Plain and simple.

We Christians are under obligation to respect individual dignity but in no circumstances are we supposed to roll over to allow our throats to be slit.


What a xenophobic, Islamophobic opinion that we have the right to keep! :rolleyes: (Sarcasm, if it wasn’t clear.)


Of course there are Muslims who are good people who make interesting friends,but broadly speaking, i agree with you.

The common mistake of making Islam the same as Christianity is part of the secular PC religion that sees nirvana being created from forcing equality on things that aren’t equal and demonising those who don’t agree with this PC dogma.


Thank you.

Criticism of the belief system does not translate into hatred of those who practice it.

The all religions are valid view arose out of relativism.

This view flies in the face of logic.


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