INDONESIA - West Java: fakes conversion to Islam to be marry, Christian soap actor risks jail [AN]


The protagonist of the story is the young Protestant actor Jonas Rivanno. To tie the knot with his colleague Asmirandah Zantman he pretended to embrace Islam and changes his religion on his identity document. But continues to declare himself a Christian. For the family of the woman this is a shock and betrayal. The Islamists ready to report him to the police.



I would hope that nobody would fake conversion to Islam. Nobody should ever deny their faith in Christ and in His Church.


If you have to fake a conversion in order to marry someone you really need to find someone else to marry.


It is not your traditional form of Islam for sure which is able to conform to Protestant belief about Christ.

On the other hand, who is to say what is proper Islamic belief, and what isn’t? It is not as if all self-professed Muslims agree with each other on what is the proper belief. His version of Islam is just a little more outside of the scope of the norm than others.
If Obama can be a self-professed Christian, believing what he does, then why can’t this man be a Muslim, believing what he does?

There is no Muslim pope or Islamic magisterium to declare otherwise.


I think still referring to himself as a Christian does a rather good job of eliminating his ability to consider himself a Muslim.


I completely agree with you. It just seems that someone who would have to do that would not exactly be compatible.

You bring up a very interesting thing here Darryl1958. The Islamic religion does not really have a central authority. I think they tried to have a central authority in the beginning but somehow it got messed up. I’m not sure how it happened or whatever but I know something happened in the early centuries to cause the “schism” between the Sunnis and Shiites. I think it had something to do with who was the right successor to Muhammad or something. Perhaps you or someone else can explain it better.

Nevertheless, Islam is a divided religion. You have Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, and probably a lot of other sects as well. On top of that, there are even divisions within Sunni Islam itself for example. They call it different schools of thought. Like for example there is Wahhabi Islam and then other schools of thought. I don’t know how to explain it but from what I understand, the different schools of thought are somehow supposed to be compatible even though to me it seems like the different schools of thought probably have contradictory views on things. So how can they all be right? The fact is, they can’t.

As it is with Truth as concerns faith and morals, there is only one Truth. That one Truth can be explained in different ways but if you have one person claiming one thing is the Truth and another person claiming another thing is the Truth but which is contradictory then obviously either both are right, both are wrong, or one is right and one is wrong.


This man risks his life for a marriage -apostizing from Islam is a death sentence
He should definitely have looked elsewhere for a wife


Such is the power of love.:slight_smile:


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