Indonesian Christians brace for Islamic attacks at Christmas [CWN]


Indonesian police and some Muslim volunteers are cooperating with Christians to protect churches and worshippers from attacks at Christmas, the Fides news service reports.President …



I’m happy there are some who are helping the Christians - God bless them!

After about 1400 years, this Moslem violence is really getting sickening. What is it with some people that they really believe God wants them to murder and destroy in His name? I just don’t get it. :mad:


It is a real moral sickness that the Islamists have unleashed upon the world. There is very little difference between what they are doing to Christians across the house of Islam than what the fascists did to the Jews in the 1930’s.


Well, at one time God DID instruct people to kill others in his name (OT). God also sent 2 bears to maul and kill 42 young kids, for making fun of a balding guy in one incident in the OT.

However, Im not condoning ANY violence against Christians and think its wrong, but when it comes to religion, many people are willing to kill and do horrible things, look back at the crusades time periods!


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