Indonesian President Says Islamic State Extremists Humiliate, Embarrass Muslims


We are getting some positive feedback from Muslims on the ISIS problem. Good to know they maintain themselves ISIS free.


This is very important , that people of the Muslim faith come out strongly agains radicals,
Because if they don’t, then it will only create fear and suspicion against them,
These barbaric elements must be eradicated, it can’t all be left to the free world to fight against these evil people


Don’t be mislead. Indonesia has an atrocious history of holding Muslim extremists in check. Christians are under constant attack in Indonesia and have been since Christianity first appeared there in the early 16th century. Talk is cheap. I call it " face saving, " don’t expect them or any Muslim nation to ever come to the aid of persecuted Christians in any meaningful way - it is against their religion.



Well, there have been several actions done to prevent ISIS who is recruiting men for their agenda.

I’ve read some news about that, there’s a mosque closed down to prevent ISIS recruiting people, some has been arrested for joining ISIS or suspected of joining, & the army here has stated that they are ready to crush the ISIS force in here.

Well, good will always win I think, let’s hope & pray.


The statement by the Indonesian President must be balanced with the fact that ISIL/ISIS/IS has been actively recruiting inside that country for several months.

In light of that, my personal impression is that he is more concerned that they may try to take over his country (and either force the President into exile or kill him) rather than concern about what they are doing elsewhere.

Color me cynical.


Yeah, that’s what I think as well. However, it’s not for the president’s safety, but for the sovereignty of this country. We’ve fought our freedom & granted for that. There were not only Muslims who fought the battle, there were Christians, Catholics, Hindu, & Buddhist as well I think, although majority of the national heroes are Muslims. This country’s motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or Unity in Diversity. This is God’s given rights. No other foreign forces is going to take that down. The government is a God ordained institution.

Well, I hope we’ll unite to drive out whatever foreign forces who are threatening to take over this country’s sovereignty.


We are talking about the President of Indonesia?


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