Indonesian teenager raped by brother jailed for abortion


This is a very unsettling situation, curious what everyone’s thoughts are…

I don’t believe abortion is right, but in cases like these I often waver in my opinions. I don’t know what to think, really.


Why waver? The new human being should have the right to live protected.


You and I both know why this is hard to swallow.

It’s incest. Ultimately this child was punished because her brother raped her eight times. We all have the right to life, but don’t act like this is an easy thing to take in, in such a scenario.


Hard to swallow because of disagreement with the principle or due to an emotional aversion?


We pray not to be led into temptation for a reason. This would be a nightmare situation for most people.


It’s empathy. :neutral_face: Apparently you don’t feel it?


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. How can you conclude that by asking a question that I have no empathy? You do not need to answer that. Ultimately we should express love in our actions regardless of contrary emotions.


I know it seems evil if you leave God out of the equation. What the brother did was evil. He abused his sister. The baby was a living being with it’s own DNA. Punish the brother. The sister may have felt like she had been punished by God but she had not. It was her brother’s choice to abuse her. She could have carried the child and then given it away. Then the child would have had a chance at life on it’s own to do good or evil. Now it has no chance. This sounds crazy but my own mother could have been a product of incest and there was never a better Christian woman. She did so much good.


I don’t like scenarios where we jail the woman who had an abortion. All too often that is an argument against making it illegal is asking what would be the legal consequence of aborting your child.

Post-abortive women, even those without the nightmare situation like that one are victims of the abortion industry and they carry the wounds of what they have done their whole lives.


Surely reading about the headless baby the neighbors found didn’t cause you to waver in your belief it is wrong.

Jailing the girl is the problem. She was raped by her brother and then further traumatized by an abortion that they speculate was performed by her mother.


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