Indonesians call for murder of Christians
It seems that people being baptized really upsets these Moslems.

Religion of peace indeed :rolleyes:

If you mean the hardline Islamist leaders who have recently gained a following in Indonesia, yes. If you mean all, or even most, Indonesian Muslims, then, no, that isn’t true.

As the article mentions:

Although this secular country, with more Muslims than any other in the world, has a long history of religious tolerance, a small extremist fringe — of which the front is the vanguard — has become more vocal in recent years as it tries to root out everything it considers blasphemous.

BTW, the title you used for this thread does not match the headline of the article, which is one of the rules of this forum. I bring this up because the title you used is misleading. First, only a few Indonesians are vowing violence. Second, the potential victims are also Indonesians. Its not as if the article is indicating some international plot.

None of which makes the situation faced by those Indonesian Christians any less dire. But lets not claim that its something more global, when no evidence suggests that.

How very sad. :frowning: It seems as though Christians are persecuted everywhere. :(:mad: However, Jesus did say that these things would happen.

Who said anything about the global threat from radical Muslims? Although, imho, it exists.

This particular story is about the threat to Christians in Indonesia. Is it OK because the Christian victims are Indonesian in nationality or because the Muslims who murder them and destroy their churches are only a ‘few’?

Indonesian Churches demolished by mob

110 Indonesian Churches Closed in Three Years
Islamic extremist groups and local governments obstruct Christian worship.

If some ‘fringe’ group in the US called for the murder of Muslims and got up mobs to attack and destroy mosques, don’t you think there would be some howls of outrage?? Just how ‘fringe’ are they when they can get up mobs numbering in their thousands?

Why are we supposed to dismiss this with a ‘oh, it is only a few Muslims who think that way’?

And, it is WAY WAY more than a few. There’s thousands and thousands who think that way. If you multiply the number of Muslims in the world by the percentage of ‘radical Muslims’, you get hundreds of thousands.

If other Indonesian Muslims oppose these radicals, why do they not act to curb their murderous rampages?

I think the actions by the militants are far more detrimental to their cause than helpful.
From my time in that region the people of Jakarta seemed mostly a peace loving group and there was regularly conversions from one religious group to another.

I was told about these minority militant groups who would go around (especially during Ramadan) to smash targeted businesses serving food or alcohol at ‘wrong’ times of the day. But this was only sporadic and the Malls in Jakarta (with security) regularly served food throughout the day so the militants were not supported by the Government or the populace at large.

If a group of thugs were going around bashing people for being interested in say Methodism, then the populace would be likely interested in knowing a little bit more about Methodism and would end up comparing the actions of the Methodists to the thugs doing the bashing and intimidating.

Oh, I agree. The situation of Christians in some parts of Indonesia is dire. I said that earlier.

My objection is that the title of the thread did not use the headline of the article (per rules), and that the change in wording made the topic less clear.

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