Indulgence Question.

I always thought you needed these things to gain a plenary indulgence.

  1. Confession.
  2. Communion.
  3. Prayers for the Pope.
  4. Detached from sin.
  5. Pray the Rosary.

However it seems that many Catholic sites state that only the first four are needed to gain the plenary indulgence so why do we (or is it just me) pray the Rosary for the indulgence?

I know that praying the Rosary is great but wonder whether it is needed for the indulgence.


The rosary is one of the grants for which the Church has given a plenary indulgence. That is the one that most people use to obtain it. There are others, though, such as doing the Stations in Church, a half-hour reading scripture, a visit to the Blessed Sacrament for a half-hour, and many more.

Incidentally, the rosary must be recited in Church, not at home.

Different indulgences have different requirements so I always check with my priest if I have any question. Some require you to go to daily Mass and Communion. Others, such as the Divine Mercy Novena require confession within a certain time period within the novena, but not daily Mass. They are all so different, there isn’t just one pat answer. Also, not only novenas, but a variety of pious behaviors have indulgences attached to them. Thus, what you have to do will vary depending on what devotion you are interested in doing. Good luck! :thumbsup:

The Rosary is not a required part of all indulgences, but as another said, you can receive an indulgence which includes praying the Rosary (please see the book of indulgences for specifics).
A specific Rosary indulgence:

I just happened to have the following links open in my browser: (Divine Mercy indulgence)


Partial indulgences may be received if not all the requirements of the plenary indulgence are met (recitation in a Church, family group or religious community, for example).

As noted above, it is not necessary for most plenary indulgences to pray the Rosary. That said there is a plenary indulgence that is specifically for praying the Rosary. The links above
have good information.

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