Indulgence Questions (renewing baptismal vows)


Today is the anniversary of my baptism. I’d like to gain an indulgence (today) by renewing my baptismal vows.

My question is does this have to be presided over by a priest or anyone or can I simply say The Prayer of the Renewal of Baptismal Vows.

Secondly, I already gain a plenary indulgence today. Clearly, only one plenary indulgence can be gained per day. Thus would the Prayer mentioned count as a partial indulgence instead?


If it doesn’t say a priest is required, then I presume one isn’t.

If you do two plenary indulgenced works in one day, then one will be a partial.


I myself am not too familiar with indulgences, but no matter what work you do (or even saying the Rosary I think gets you an indulgence) don’t you still need to:

  1. Go to confession within 7 days
  2. Receive the Eucharist within 7 days
  3. Medidate on some mystery of Christ for 15

That’s what I believed it was. That’s why it’s not always so easy to get one (I remember couple years with the Holy Doors these 3 rules were the case)



For a plenary you have to

  • go to confession within 20 days before or after
  • receive the Eucharist on the day of, or within a few days
  • be in a state of grace when you do the work
  • recite prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father
  • be free of any attachment to sin, even venial sin

If you are not in a state of grace (or not a Catholic) you cannot earn indulgences.
If you do a plenary indulgenced work and you are in a state of grace, but you do not complete all the above conditions, then your indulgence is partial.
Likewise, not all indulgence works are plenary indulgenced works, many are only partial.
You refer to the current Manual of Indulgences to determine the list of indulgenced works and the other rules.

The 3 rules you mention were not the case for the Holy Doors a few years ago. I went through probably 2 dozen Holy Doors for indulgences that year and can confirm that the rules in place were the ones I listed above.


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