Do Traditional Catholics still use the day and year system for indulgences? (eg. getting a remission of 100 days for praying a certain prayer)

I can’t speak for everyone but I would guess, no.

The reason is that indulgences are granted by the Church, the Church has the sole authority in this regard. It would not have the effect intended to use a formula which is no longer practiced by the church. By all means, pray and do whatever works you can, but you need to follow the guidance of the Sacred Penitentory (how ever one spells it!) in order for the works to be indulged.

On the other hand, perhaps some Trad Caths use the days as a guide to the ‘effect’ of any partial indulgence presently obtainable according to the enchoridium.

By Traditional Catholics, do you mean SSPX followers or those in communion with the Catholic Church but follow a more traditional way of life? :slight_smile:

Both! In this forum Traditional Catholics are roughly defined as Catholics that like the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, traditions (e.g. devotions) associated with it and cultural aspects that might have changed with times. SSPX followers would be easily included in such list for the time being and hopefully for ever.

SSPX followers *are * nominally in communion with the Church, like any other Catholic.

Back to the OP, all Roman Catholics are under the same jurisdiction, so we all use the current structure for indulgences. I don’t see anything wrong with take the old “days” as a guideline but the Church has left it behind.

As an aside, the raccolta’s old “days” are equated with time spent doing penance on Earth, not time off one’s sentence in Purgatory. I didn’t know that until not long ago.

Thanks for the insight, especially with time spent doing penance on earth.:wink:

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