Indult and the Divine Office


If and when this supposed universal indult for the Tridentine Mass comes out, will it encompass the Divine Office? Will be able to use the old Breviary? Can we use it now? I am thinking in terms of the requirements not so much for clergy (though that knowledge would be interesting), but for members of third orders who may have in their institutions the requirement to pray at least Morning and Evening Prayer.

I hope so!. Matins, Vespers, TLM in Latin with Gregorian Chant and Tallis. Now were talking:thumbsup:

There is no problem praying the pre Vatican II Divine Office for the laity, I pray some of the Offices when I have time, . I think the clergy and religious who are obliged have to request permission from the Bishop. FSSP and ICKSP use the 1962 Missal (1950’s where custom) as their standard liturgical books, so they don’t seek permission. I would speculate that if the Indult comes it would be for all the former liturgical.

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