Indult Daily Masses

It was recently announced in Dublin, that due to the MP, the Archbishop has given permission for the TLM not just to be celebrated weekly, but daily. The TLM in Dublin is not affiliated with any priestly society(FSSP, ICRSP…). Is It common for there to be a daily TLM, celebrated only by diocesan priests?

I assume if they’re competant in the mass and have the permission of the Bishop (according to the current indult) I don’t see why not, of course I’m not sure if it’s common. I could be wrong.

That’s unusual. Only a big cathedral could probably sustain it. Clearly there would be issues of access to NO Masses if a parish tried to do the same thing, so I don’t think even a sympathetic bishop would want a parish priest offering TLM every day. However if you’ve got three or four Masses during the day, and one is Tridentine, that’s reasonable.

Yes I heard this, the Archbishop who has said the TLMass in the past is moving the TLMass community to a new larger church, which can have Mass and all the Sacraments, requiems, barr Ordinations and I’m not sure about Comfirmations. Their are quite a few diocesan priests in Dublin who are organising a sort of rotta or list I think of who’s turn it is to say Mass each day, I think. God Blesst he Archbishop

It is being moved to Harrington Street for Monday to Saturday (havent got confirmation of Time yet), but Sunday Mass will still be in St Audeons.

Fr. Gerard Deighan being the main chaplain
Video of Archbishop Diarmud Martin of Dublin Celebrating High Mass in St Audeons Church. High Street, Dublin 8

Fr Deighan was the Sub-Deacon at that mass, with Fr. Nevin another regular celebrant at St Audeons the Deacon

As per the MP- the Archbishop is no longer able to “say no” to any priest in the Catholic Church to use the Roman Missal of 1962 as of 12:00AM 9-14-07.

The Ecclesia Dei Indult, that required the local Bishop to give permission to celebrate Mass according to the 1962 Missal ends at 11:59AM 9-13-07.

Priests no longer need permission from their local Bishop in order to celebrate Mass according to the Roman Missal 1962 edition as of 12:00AM 9-14-07.

At my parish, even though we are established under the ED indult as a “mission Church”, we have daily and Sunday Mass and our pastor is a Diocesean priest.


Im almost positive the MP allows the TLM daily for those priests wishing it, no Bishops permission required.

Just Announced today by Fr. Deighan that starting from Monday 17th September, the TLM will be held in St Kevin’s Church, Harrington Street. Mass will be at 8.00 am from Monday to Friday and 9.00 am on Saturday. Sunday mass will be at 10.30 in St Audeon’s Church, High Street.
In Nomine Christi

Sorry Chris, but Sunday Mass will still be at 11.00 am in St Audoen’s. The change of time will only take place when the Sunday Mass goes to St Kevin’s.:slight_smile:

Yes… see the link at the bottom.

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